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Smoking Cessation and Rheumatology Clinics: Making the Connection to Overcome a Dangerous Addiction

ARBDA’s top rheumatology specialists in New Jersey have seen firsthand the benefits of supporting patients with additional avenues towards wellness. 

We encourage our patients with opportunities to enhance their health, and by presenting additional options beyond traditional medical treatments, we offer positive choices so that patients can make informed decisions. Rheumatology care typically involves multiple visits per year, so our frequent patient contact helps us keep these opportunities open whenever the patient is ready to take the next steps towards improving their well-being.

Ask-Advise-Connect: Where Physicians Help Make The Quitline Connection

A study cited in Rheumatology Consultant found that healthcare factors play a significant role in helping patients with rheumatoid arthritis quit smoking. The study details the smoking cessation results for patients who were provided with a brochure outlining state-provided “quitline” services with an approach called “Ask Advise Connect” (AAC). 1

With patient consent, AAC providers submit patient referrals confidentially to a quitline program. Well-trained coaches then begin initiating patient contact within 48 hours and follow up as needed. They offer benefits such as coaching and nicotine substitutes. The shift from information to connection has received wide coverage in medical publications because of significant increases in enrollment in quitline programs with AAC.

A Significant Increase in Smoking Cessation Results Simply Through Physician Contact

A clinical connection during routine visits, with follow-up quitline referral, produced a thirteen-fold increase in effectiveness over simply providing a brochure, according to an AMA article. Since rheumatology treatment typically involves several visits a year, the window of opportunity for referral remains open. With support from the physician and staff, reports Rheumatology Consultant, 29% of patients had quit smoking over a median of 4.75 years. On top of that, new RA patients were 60% more likely to quit smoking.2

ARBDA Engages and Empowers Our Patients

At ARBDA, we have proudly provided positive and engaging care for decades and discovered new ways for patients to improve their health during their rheumatology care. We offer wellness support as well as treatment for conditions such as RA. As long-established rheumatologists in New Jersey, we welcome your call.





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