Know the Right Place to Go for Tendonitis & Bursitis Treatment in New Jersey

You won’t have to be a weekend warrior or an elite athlete to develop tendonitis or bursitis. For many people, these painful conditions can easily result from everyday activity related to work or play. At Arthritis, Rheumatic and Back Disease Associates (ARBDA), our physicians specialize in treating these irritating and sometimes debilitating disorders — with offices conveniently located throughout South Jersey.

Tendonitis and bursitis are both caused by the inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding your muscles and bones. While their symptoms are similar, tendonitis treatment and bursitis treatment differ because they involve different structures within your body, and they each have distinct causes. Tendonitis is when your tendons begin to break down from repeated overuse, in activities such as sports, labor, and other physical activity. Tennis Elbow is one of the most common forms of tendonitis in adults. 

As far as bursitis goes, shoulder bursitis symptoms are very common, and often confused with tendonitis, but they may stem from different causes.

What causes tendonitis?

In many instances, tendonitis occurs as a result of a sudden, acute injury. The most common cause of tendonitis is gradual wear-and-tear and minor injuries that accumulate over time. Doctors refer to this as “repetitive stress,” or simply, “overuse.” 

Tendonitis isn’t exclusive to elite athletes and physical laborers; it can result from mundane tasks such as painting, typing on a keyboard, and improper body positioning while doing pretty much anything that puts stress on your tendons. While the causes vary, tendonitis treatment is typically simple and noninvasive. 

What causes bursitis?

Bursitis differs from tendonitis because it involves inflammation of your body’s bursa sacs, as opposed to the tendons. Like tendonitis, bursitis can be caused by overuse of certain structures in your body. However, unlike tendonitis, bursitis can also be caused by other diseases such as kidney disease, blood disease, gout, and pseudogout. 

Common Symptoms of Tendonitis & Bursitis

The symptoms of tendonitis and bursitis include tenderness, redness, and swelling in the affected area of your body. You may notice that your pain and swelling intensifies after overuse or repeated physical activity involving the affected body part(s). Pain is the main symptom associated with tendonitis and bursitis, and while these conditions often occur near joints in your body, they should not be confused with arthritis, which affects the joints directly. Shoulder bursitis symptoms will be similar to shoulder tendonitis, but their causes and consequences still differ.

How are tendonitis and bursitis diagnosed?

First, consult with a healthcare provider that specializes in these conditions to get a reliable diagnosis and effective tendonitis and bursitis treatment solutions. Our doctors at ARBDA are experts in providing patients with liberating tendonitis treatments and extensive options for bursitis relief. These conditions are usually diagnosed without the assistance of tests such as X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasound. However, if your condition worsens over time, or does not improve, your doctor may recommend imaging studies.

Tendonitis & Bursitis Treatments

Tendonitis treatments and bursitis treatments often differ from one another, but your options depend mostly on the cause of the condition. In many cases, patients must simply cease the activities that are causing too much stress to the tendons or bursas. However,

where the conditions are work-related, a more advanced solution is required. Hip tendonitis treatments will likely be different from other parts of the body, as the hip is one of our most essential body structures that is subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

Our New Jersey doctors provide advice and helpful information to reduce pain, or they may suggest some form of ergonomic support to assist you while working. Additionally, other tendonitis and bursitis treatments include rest, icing the affected area, and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Surgery is a last resort.

Meet with our team at one of our New Jersey offices for more information about what causes bursitis and tendonitis, treatment options, and how to keep these conditions under control. We also provide polymyalgia rheumatica treatment, and we have psoriatic arthritis doctors in house along with many other specialists!