The banner for ARBDA's infusion treatment center, with a device next to a blurry background full of lights.


A revolution in rheumatology began, in earnest, at the dawn of the new millennium with the approval of a brand-new class of medications that, for the first time, targeted specific aspects of inflammation within cells. The founding partners of Arthritis, Rheumatic & Bone Disease Associates (ARBDA) were far ahead of the curve in seeing the potential for these new specialty medicines to completely change the landscape of how many inflammatory diseases are treated. ARBDA was the first independent rheumatology practice in New Jersey to provide patients with in-office infusion services.

ARBDA completed its first infusion treatment in 2001, and 18 years later, our six infusion centers throughout New Jersey complete more than 11,000 infusions per year. Through our new IDYLLIC Infusion Treatment Centers – we can provide the same comfort and convenience to our own rheumatology patients as well as those referred from other specialty physicians for infusion therapy.

Advanced Infusion Services in First-Class Comfort

Safety is the number one priority in all of our IDYLLIC Infusion Treatment Centers. There is always an on-site medical professional supervising every infusion. All ARBDA physicians and nurses have advanced clinical training and are compassionate, attentive, and experienced in infusion services. After you receive vital information about our infusion services from your referring medical provider, you will consult with one of our physicians to ensure your safety and wellness every time you come in for infusion therapy. 

Where Patients Feel Safe and Welcome

In each of our IDYLLIC Infusion Treatment Center locations, there is advanced medical equipment such as EKG, X-ray, and laboratory services to meet our patients’ needs. Our clinical staff is trained in the correct use of these devices and have years of experience administering infusion treatments. Each of our IV infusion clinics is designed with a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Patients relax in reclining, pillow-top chairs with warm blankets, enjoy snacks and beverages, watch individualized live TVs or tablets, and appreciate many other amenities.

A photo of an infusion device with a blurry glass window in the background.

Groundbreaking Infusions By Medical Experts

Our IDYLLIC IV infusion clinics have a long history of medical success in the many communities we serve. Specialists and primary care physicians throughout the region have trusted us for years to provide expert care for their patients who need complex biologic medication and other forms of recurring parenteral drug therapies. 

Our team of physicians is proud to provide the highest quality infusion therapy for our valued patients. And our patients truly appreciate our support staff’s insurance expertise in handling all requirements for pre-authorization and referrals, with a commitment and kindness. They will walk you through your insurance benefits and even file insurance claims on your behalf. 

Treatments supplied by IDYLLIC Infusion Centers are usually less expensive for both the patient and insurance company than the equivalent care offered at an outpatient hospital.

Our clinical staff is dedicated to serve our patients with a high level of expertise, safety, and attentiveness, which should be expected in an expert infusion center. For more information about our IDYLLIC infusion services, or to learn more about ARBDA’s diagnostic ultrasound center, therapeutic injections, and osteoporosis treatments, give us a call, and set up an appointment today!